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Risika provides live company data and real time market overviews for you to identify which customers can and will pay in time.

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+2600 finance professionals trust us from great companies such as

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Faster credit decisions

Receive credit recommendations on all Nordic companies with just one click.
We’ve got all the financial and credit information gathered for you in one intuitive overview, so you can spend your time differently.

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Shield yourself from bad payers

Easily customize your credit policy and ensure that every customer comply with your standards.

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Your customer’s risk profile changes over time.
So should your credit terms.

Use the monitoring tool to keep tabs on your customer portfolio.
We’ll send you regular updates on changes, so you can adjust your credit terms as needed.

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Finance professionals use Risika
Is the amount of companies we have financial data on in the Nordics
20 mil.
An NPS of 36 is normally considered great. Ours is 53!

Kristoffer is
here to help you!

Our stellar Customer Success department is here to help you get off to a great start!

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