Financial insights at your

Risika provides a real time risk overview of your stakeholders for you to make profitable decisions.

Avoid loss on debtors.

Automated credit rating from 1-10Receive all important company highlights to be aware ofWe provide an intuitive overview of a company's financial situation

Sort out the bad payers

Automatically reject companies or individuals who don't meet your credit standardsMake sure your credit policy is aligned across the organizationAutomated bankruptcy and industry analysis

Stay ahead with our monitoring tool

Get alerted on important company changes that may affect your bottom lineQuickly identify any areas of risk for your companyCustomize notifications to only receive information on the parameters that matter most to you

The link between Sales and Finance

Sales are able to run credit checks themselvesReduce time spent on credit reportingCredit reports on all Nordic companies

Risk management should
make sense
to more than the Finance department

Risika is the link between your Finance and Sales department. Whether you're in Sales trying to land a new customer, or in Finance protecting the bottom line, Risika has got you covered. With Risika, you can be confident that any potential risks are identified and dealt with quickly and easily.