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strategic decisions.

Optimise credit compliance across your customer portfolio and uncover actionable risk insights.

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+2600 finance professionals trust us from great companies such as

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A simple break-down of your portfolio risk

Keep up with real-time changes in credit risk levels and easily spot any non-compliance in your customer portfolio - so you can stay one step ahead!

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Make sure your customers are compliant with your credit policy

Get full transparency on which companies are compliant or non-compliant with your credit policy, so you can take action to ensure credit risk compliance.

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No more blind spots.
Get full visibility

Know exactly which points of attention you should be aware of when dealing with certain companies within your portfolio.

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Understand your customer portfolio to the fullest

Get an overview of your customers' credit score distribution across industries, company types, sizes and demographics.

Risk Insights
is an add-on to our monitoring function

Risk Insights uses your existing monitoring lists and
credit policy for customised risk assessments and insights.

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Kristoffer is
here to help you!

Need help setting it up? Our Customer Success department is ready to assist you.

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Finance professionals use Risika
Is the amount of companies we have financial data on in the Nordics.
20 mil.
An NPS of 36 is normally considered great. Ours is 53!

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