Effortless data extraction from financial statements and reports

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How it works

Document Intelligence harnesses the power of Machine Learning, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Intelligent Document Processing to effortlessly extract and categorise financial data from reports.


Scan Document

Upload the financial report as a scanned document


Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

A text layer is added to the document by the use of cutting-edge OCR tools



The text is stored in memory, while it is processed and converted to JSON


Data Extraction

A JSON object has been created containing the financial data


Data Classification

Document Intelligence utilises a smart data mapping that uniforms the data


Data Storage

Once the data has been classified, they will be delivered to your preferred system

Document intelligence is specialised in extracting variables from


Financial Reports


Annual Reports


Auditor Reports

Liberate resources through workflow automation

Document Intelligence automates mundane tasks, liberating your finance / accounting team from repetitive manual work so you can direct your resources towards strategic initiatives.

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Minimised losses via automation and data accuracy

Document Intelligence ensures the highest data accuracy levels, reducing the risk of errors in credit risk assessments and improving the accuracy in decision-making.

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Data compliance and safety are essential

Document Intelligence works in your own data environment and no data is ever stored in our infrastructure. Once the data has been extracted, it will be delivered in your preferred format and deleted from the Cloud.

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We are specialised in the Nordic financial sector

We deliver the most comprehensive company dataset in the Nordics, integrating financial, credit, and company data from official registries with other relevant data sources. We organise and structure the data, ensuring a unified data format, regardless of the source language.

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Trusted by more than +2600 finance professionals in the Nordics

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