Take Control of YourCredit Limits

Set your own credit limits or rely on our recommendations.
Change limits quickly and easily to respond to market conditions and customer needs.

Instantly Apply your Credit Policy

Update your credit policy with just a few clicks and watch it be automatically applied across your business.
Credit limits will be automatically adjusted according to your policy.

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Understand the Impact ofYour Credit Policy Decisions

Credit Automator allows you to test your credit policy on your customer base to evaluate if you are being too risk-averse and optimise your credit policy for growth.

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Remove Human Error

Ensure all credit decisions are strictly aligned with your credit policy to eliminate confusion and human errors.

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Proactive Fraud DetectionFor Your Business

Set up potential fraud indicators as a part of your credit policy and get actionable insights that will help you uncover and prevent potential fraud cases.

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We’ve automated 100,000 credit decisions for Nordic enterprises
We've saved finance teams over 20 thousand hours on manual credit decisions.
Is our NPS. Psst! An NPS of 36 is considered GREAT.

Streamline your credit processes

Use Credit Automator in your ERP, CRM and internal systems with either our off-the-shelf integrations, or connect to our REST API.

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