Hi, we are Risika!

The category of credit rating agencies is a faceless category.
It has long been ruled by no personal feel, lacking customer service and where trust lies in grey hair and big bellies.
Risika is set into the world to challenge this.

About us

We leverage machine learning to help companies predict paying and non-paying customers, while delivering more ideal customers, through the Risika platform.
Our ever growing collection of specalists have origins in auditing, sales, data and computer science, all gathered to make sure that our solutions are as flexible, automated, and reliable as possible.
We hire people who love doing what they do best, and through trust, passion and ownership we alway push the status quo of helping small, midsize and enterprise companies make data based decisions to avoid risk and perform better. This creates results for our clients.
We are real people with real passion. We are done with agencies hiding behind the desk and sticking to the status quo - we build a world class product with constant innovation through relationships.

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The virtues guiding our day-to-day actions
Values are based on aspiration - virtues are based on action. We prefer the action!

Informal professionalism

We aim for the highest level of respect and decency in all business-related situations. But we like to keep it informal and in tense situations, humour is a great tool for strengthening relations.

Personal development

In order for the team to improve and grow, each individual must be open and curious to improve. But We must remember to use and trust the personal strengths that we already possess.


To build trust and enabling personal development, we tell the truth and give honest feedback. But Feedback should always have a positive intent and we don't express negative opinions of others if they are not present.


We celebrate our victories, both small and big, and we do it together and frequently. But we keep in mind that other departments might be struggling to achieve their victory.


If you ever find yourself doing something twice, we can likely automate it! But You have to consider the cost of making the automation and compare it to the time saved.

Meet our founders

In 2017, a small group of FinTech nerds from the world of banking, accounting, and statistics decided to challenge the faceless old-school status quo within financial risk management.

Timm Jeppesen

Co-Founder & CEO


Nicolai Rasmussen

Co-founder & CFO


Christoffer Ljørring

Co-founder & Head of Data Science & BI


Thorbjørn Rønje

Co-founder & Chief Strategist

We are growing!

Risika A/S

Sortedam Dossering 55

2100, Copenhagen


Risika Ltd.

Bul. 6-ti septemvri 152, Plovdiv,

400, Kapana


Risika UK Ltd.

22 Highbury Grove, Islington,

London, N5 2EF

United Kingdom

Risika Norge AS

Edvard Storms gate 2,

0160 Oslo,