Know your paying and

Risika provides live company data and real time market overviews for you to identify which customers can and will pay in time.

Faster credit decisions

Automatically receive recommended credit days and credit max on your B2B customersSet up your company credit policy with a few clicksAutomatic rejection of companies and individuals who don't comply with your credit policy

Real-time data. Real-time market depiction

Updated data three times a day on 20 mio companies within the nordics, UK and GermanyAnalysis on 50+ company highlights you should be aware of before giving creditDaily notifications on customer changes by your own choice

Risika is the link between credit and sales.

No more wasting time on unprofitable leads from salesSales will now from the beginning if the customer is creditworthy

An intuitive overview of who you are dealing with

See bankruptcy history on all individualsBankruptcy analysis on all companiesEasily explained key financial figures

Credit management has for a long time been powered by old-school software. We are here to
change that

The Risika platform is made in collaboration with our customers ensuring the highest level of usability and design.
It's a clear and user-friendly interface with a modern design, which is customised to fit your workflows. There's always-available customer support to help you get the most out of the platform.

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