The credit risk overview every
CFO needs

Eliminate loss and headaches due to unpaid debt and unforeseen changes. We've got you covered with an intuitive overview of customer portfolio risk together with all the information you need to sleep sound at night.

Minimise losses from unpaid debt

Daily updated data on 18 mio companies within the Nordics, UK and Germany

Automated credit rating from 1-10 and recommended credit terms

Eliminate anyone who don't meet your credit standard

Predict your paying customers

Bankruptcy analysis on all companies and individuals

Receive all important company highlights to be aware of

An intuitive overview of key financial figures

Easy credit policy implementation

Implement your customised credit policy with just a few clicks

Remove the need to manually ensure credit compliance

Eliminate anyone who don't meet your credit standard

Ensure alignment between Finance and Sales

Risikas platform is also easy to use by the Sales department

Automated and intuitive credit scores from 1-10

Sales will know from the get-go if it is a profitable lead or customer they are dealing with

Avoid unpleasant surprises

Receive a reliable overview of the risk landscape

Monitor stakeholder changes relevant for your business

Make informed decisions based on the current situation

Connect to your preferred ERP system!

We integrate to your favourite accounting system

Instant accounting and financial data into your ERP system

Simple to implement and use, and adaptable to your company's needs

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