All the insights you need to drive

With Risika you can identify your ideal customer profile while keeping an eye on market changes that may affect your business.

Ensure growth from your customer portfolio

An intuitive overview of the customer highlights you should be aware of

We run bankruptcy analysis on all companies

Our company comparison tool will find companies similar to your most profitable one

Close better deals with the right data

Sort out any rotten apples from your lead list

Data on Nordic, German and UK companies

An automated credit rating from 1-10

Easily identify company structures and management

See a complete overview of the company structure, ownership, and management

We will let you know if any changes occurs in management in your monitored companies

Stay up-to-date on your network

Always have current information before meeting a stakeholder

Fast deep-dive knowledge into the person you are in contact with

No more wasting time with LinkedIn and Google searches on your network


Connect to
your preferred CRM system!

We have a hassle-free integration for your favourite CRM system. We integrate with all of the most popular CRMs, so you can easily access all of our data directly in your system. Plus, it's simple to set up and use, so you can get started right away.