ideal customer
is also a paying one.We'll help you find them.

Focus on healthier customers and profitable relationships. Risika uses machine learning to make sure you don't waste time on unprofitable leads and customers.

Spend time on the right leads

Receive an automatic credit rating from 1-10, and get an understandable indication of the company's financial situation. We update our data daily, to make sure that the data you use is accurate and to make sure that you're targeting the right segment.

Filter to reach your target audience

Looking for companies in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden? Our filtering tool makes it easy for you to find the leads that match your criteria. Filter companies by 25 different criteria. The filters automatically update with the latest data, so you can easily find the businesses that are the perfect fit for your needs.

Find more of your preferred leads and customers

Have a favourite customer? We will automatically find similar companies based on industry, number of employees, and equity. Our company comparison model searches within all Nordic, UK and German companies, so you can find the red thread within the good customers.

Simple credit policy implementation.

Make sure that your credit policy is aligned throughout the organization. Remove the need to manually ensure credit compliance between departments, and let us do the work instead. Know if leads comply with your credit terms right from the outset.

Connect to
your preferred CRM system!

We have a hassle-free integration for your favourite CRM system. We integrate with all of the most popular CRMs, so you can easily access all of our data directly in your system. Plus, it's simple to set up and use, so you can get started right away.